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Hello and welcome to another season of indoor lacrosse with the Columbus Indoor Lacrosse League.  We are pleased to have you back for another season.  I would like to thank all of you who are coming back and welcome all new comers into our family. 

This year, as in years past, we have changed some things hopefully for the better, as always we listened to all of you and have made the appropriate changes:

Again this year to help reduce the amount of paper work and doubling up of information, we have decided to work on doing every thing electronically.  We are asking that all paper work be typed and returned to us either e-mail or in person (nothing hand written). 

We have also decided to put minimum and maximum player numbers per team, we did this for a couple reasons; 1) Make sure that every player has a great experience in our league and gets plenty of playing time; 2)  Make sure we can continue to run a top notch league, the league minimum number of players helps us continue to be the only indoor league in the city who pays coaches, scoring staff for each game of the season and CERTIFIED officials, while also keeping cost to each individual player down. 

We hope these changes will make everyone's experience better.

Time Line & Other information

Cost - $180 Plus US Lacrosse Membership per player (Checks made out to Columbus Lacrosse Club)
Player Numbers- Minimum 14; Maximum 17
Reservations Due - October 1st 2014
Rosters and Sign Up sheets Due - October 12th 2014
Teams all Paid - October 20th 2014
Schedule Release - October 29th 2014
Week 1 - November 2nd 2014
Holiday Break - December 21st 2014 to January 3rd 2015
Week 15 - February 22nd 2015

Lastly if you have not heard from your coach and you want to be a part of our league please let us know!  We think EVERY PLAYER should have the opportunity to get better, NO MATTER WHAT.  Again welcome back and I hope you are all excited for another great year of indoor lacrosse!!!

Thank you,
CG & Indoor Staff
(614) 436-8148


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